This site is dedicated to housing the resources and links you'll need most as a Jama customer. We have a couple of easy steps you can take to set yourself and your team up for success.

Here's an overview of the information you'll find on this site:

  • The Customer Resources section has articles for new users and Jama admins, information about performance, product updates and more.
  • The Video section contains demos, best practices and instructional videos.
  • Visit the FAQ if you're not finding what you're looking for.
  • Go to the Contact page to find support contact information or to let us know what you'd like to see on the Portal.

As you get started using Jama, here are some tips to help you get up and running:

  • Be sure to bookmark for future reference.
  • Join the Jama Community. The Community is a place to learn from others, ask questions, start conversations and track topics you're interested in. Sign up and spend some time looking around.
  • Not sure where to start now that you've had an overview? We recommend watching the Getting Started Training videos. Each of these 6 videos is only a few minutes long and focuses on a different feature or function of Jama.